Humans and smartphones are practically inseparable entities these days, with one very rarely appearing without the other. We are becoming ever reliant on our smartphones as we become accustomed to using them for almost any menial task – directions, games, shopping, communicating, diaries, public transport timetables, search, social media and video, just to name a few. Watch this video to discover just how integral mobiles and smartphone videos are to our every day lives.

This goes to show the vitality of mobile technologies in the current age and the importance of capitalising on mobile and tablet devices for any business. Regardless of what industry you are in, attracting potential clients’ attention through smartphone video is set to be one of the most important marketing methods of the future.

Studies have shown that one of the primary reasons people use their smartphones is to abate boredom. Thus, mobile users are easily susceptible to short, grabbing videos that will entertain
smartphone video
them, teach them something or make them laugh. Therefore if you produce an innovative video designed for mobiles, it could do wonders in reaching a wide range of potential clientele, and being shared to an even wider audience.

The beauty of the convergence of video and social media is that sharing videos on Facebook or Instagram, for example, can make the video become viral almost instantaneously. If making a smartphone video with mobile technologies and sharing capabilities in mind, you can easily create a quick and fascinating grab that gets your brand name out there and in people’s minds, without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for an ad spot.

Corporate video production in Sydney is a great field to get into because of the constant adapting landscape of the medium, which ensures it will remain continually indispensable. Every business would be benefited by seeking a video productions and video editing company to ensure their smartphone video campaign is effective and as successful as it can be. Getting professional help is vital because of the vast advantages an innovative mobile video could bring your company. Scope Productions is an example of a pioneering service in the area of smartphone video marketing. They could help your company access unprecedented numbers of potential new clients. The new year is the perfect time to launch a new campaign for your brand, giving it a fresh image and renewed vigour by capitalising on video, smartphones and social media.

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