New unemployment data has revealed that the nation’s youth are a major part of the spiralling statistical nightmare. Many young Australians are facing a tough path ahead, one that is often lonely and isolating. Recently, social advocacy groups have been coming forward to urge the Government to step up their efforts to ensure the employment prospects of younger Australians.

The Northern Rivers Social Development Council (NCOSS) has bravely come out against the Government’s lacklustre investment in the nation’s youth. The advocacy group is adamant that support services should be re-introduced within many regional communities, where the unemployment explosion is being felt hardest.

NCOSS chief executive Tony Davies has said that the Government runs the risk of dismantling previous efforts connected with boosting local employment opportunities for youths. “We’ve recently lost the Youth Connections Program which was a great way to help engage young people,” he told the ABC. “In particular those who have been educationally disadvantaged. What we need to see is a return of programs, to actually give young people the support they need and the skills they need to get ongoing work.”

Mr. Davies then went on to explain the importance of social services in regionally disadvantaged areas. “Unemployment overall is higher in regional areas and for young people in those areas, it’s even harder,” he explained.  “We know that Aboriginal people in particular can experience very high rates of unemployment. In some communities it can be more than half of young people looking for a job and can’t get work. So overall, it certainly disadvantages regional areas.”

With renewed chatter surrounding the possible denial of Centrelink benefits to those under the age of thirty, the NCOSS have done their best to sound the alarm and warn the Federal Government of the impending doom. Hopefully, the Coalition will heed the warnings and introduce budget measures which help (and don’t hinder) the job prospects of our nation’s at-risk youth…

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