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With social media as popular as it is, it’s no wonder potential employers want to check it out. It’s becoming more and more common for employers to do a Google search of their interview candidates to help them decide who is best suited to the job. Think closely now, if a potential boss were to search your social media, what would they find? Are you satisfied that what they would find is appropriate for employers to see? It’s a fine line between being social and being out of control, despite what the truth may actually be. So when it comes to securing your social media personality, what can you do to make sure that it wont be your downfall come interview time?

social media

Privacy settings

Be aware of content. The obvious place to start is to check what your privacy settings are on all of your social media profiles. Then double check them. You might think your Facebook profile is completely private, but often settings change without any notice, and you might be a bit more public than you’d like. The same goes for all social media: Twitter, blogs like tumblr or wordpress, things you post on Pinterest and even an old Myspace account. Google yourself and see what comes up – you might be surprised at what’s floating around.


Another obvious feature, but so easily discarded when you think of the perfect line to describe how drunk you got last night. In a world where it’s all too easy to snoop on each other’s social media personalities, we’re forced to reconsider what we write before hitting the ‘post’ button. Tagged photos in a risqué costume or doing tequila shots on a bar table may seem hilarious at the time, but can always come back to haunt you.

social media

Use social media to your advantage

With all these fears of privacy breaches, we forget that social media can actually aid us in our job search. If you’re an active poster of content relevant to the job you’re applying for, or write a blog that directly references the industry, it can be very impressive. Employers will appreciate that you have an active social media personality, and can contribute to this aspect of their employment.

Social media can be a tricky element of your social life, that needs to be monitored in the new age of employer research. No longer can we keep our personal lives private, and a negative social media image can hinder job prospects if we’re too liberal in what we share.

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