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You want to work in marketing but you don’t have Twitter? Tell me more about your social media strategies.

There was a time when it was acceptable just to have one social media profile. But that was so last decade. Nowadays, not only is it beneficial to have multiple profiles, in some industries it’s expected.

We’ll give you the run-down on how best to gear your social profiles to wow prospective employers.


One in seven people in the world and over half of all Australians have a Facebook profile. More than 60% of these people log in every day. That’s one hell of a captive audience. For the wily web-user, Facebook isn’t just a way to keep in touch with friends, it’s an incredible marketing and organisational tool.

Through pages and public profile (see here for more info), you can broadcast your views, promote your products and increase your social reach. The power of Facebook as a marketing tool is the depth of information you can get about your users. Not only do you get quantitative data about how many people access your page or profile, you can also get highly qualitative data about who and why people are engaging with you. And from here, you can tailor posts around these findings.

For those of you who run events or even just organise outings with friends, you’ll know the attitude “if there’s no Facebook event, it’s not happening”.


As Facebook is to people, Twitter is to topics. Instead of centralising around particular profiles or personalities, Twitter is more about what’s happening in the moment and acts as a sort of barometer for global conversation. People form cyber-communities around topics that they care about and the people who do the best in this environment are the ones who’re able to make timely contributions.

Yes, it’s also a celeb stalking tool and a Justin Bieber retweet machine but for us mere mortals, the way to use Twitter is by engaging people in conversation about topics that are fresh and current. It may be daunting to cast your opinions into the cyber-abyss that is the Internet. But you know what they say, “When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you” or perhaps more pertinent, “#yolo” amirite?


You want a job? Get a LinkedIn account. That’s what it’s there for presumably. That and shameless self-promotion.

Seriously, where else, besides your CV, are you able to talk about your achievements and skills so publicly? It’s a blank cheque to boast about every good thing you’ve ever done. But not really.

A good LinkedIn account will be strategic about what it includes. List attributes and experiences that you think other people are searching for. Get people to write you recommendations and write some for other people. It’s a game of quid pro quo and generosity begets generosity. So go out and be nice to someone.

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