It’s hard to stand out in a workforce jam-packed with other well-prepared and well-presented people. Often times, the whole process can become overwhelming. But instead of worrying about the impression you make, go about making sure that you make the right impression!

The contents of your resume and your unique work experiences will dramatically change the way you are perceived by those interviewing you. And you’d be surprised how much the small things can make a big difference…

Try volunteering. Social work doesn’t just look good on your curriculum vitae, it’s a critical part of experiencing new and challenging things. Having some experience as a volunteer tells employers that you’re empathic and capable of working for the good of those around you. It also informs potential employers that that you’re committed, punctual and open-minded, all great attributes in a potential employee! Pick a social issue or type of charity work that sounds right for you and get in touch with them ASAP.

Get a First Aid Certificate. It’s a small certification, but a crucial one. If an employer is looking at a list of a few potential candidates, a certification in first aid can really help you across the line. Because of workplace safety requirements, employers are always on the lookout for those who can bring extra knowledge and experience to the position and the workplace. You can enrol in any number of courses locally, so it won’t be too difficult to gain the accreditation in a timely and hassle-free way!

Practice any other languages and inform potential employers of your skills. Be prepared to demonstrate your understanding of any of the languages listed in your resume. Sometimes, an understanding of a foreign language can assist in getting a unique job. But before you get the position, you will likely have to demonstrate sound oral and written abilities. So don’t let the rust take a hold, and make sure you’re consistently practising your special skills!

Keep these job-hunting hints in mind and you’ll be sure to get the job in no time at all! For more handy hints and suggestions for everything related to work, check out or many other posts!


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