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If you’re a student, chances are you need a job. If you don’t have one, chances are that’s why you’re here. Student jobs are essentially the best forms of employment you can find whilst studying, with the least amount of interference or hassle. Fear not, those bills stuck to the fridge, that landlord demanding rent and all those nights out you’re missing will soon be over. The list below details what jobs are the best student jobs, because student life is hard enough as it is.

student jobsStudent jobs #1: waiter

The number 1 in student jobs is waiting on tables, and it can be challenging to say the least. People can be surprisingly rude when it comes to their beef burrito or Pinot Noir, and unfortunately wait staff cop the brunt of it. But if you smile lots, act friendly and laugh at the customer’s jokes, a tip will often be coming your way. Working in fancier restaurants essentially means fancier tips, and the further up the dining ladder you are, the better you’ll get paid. Who said student jobs were all rubbish? The trick is to personalise your resume, dress respectively, and spend a day handing out your resume to prospective employers. With night work being the peak time for shifts, hospitality fits in well with student timetables, and is the ultimate in student jobs.

Student jobs #2: promotions

In the imaginations of many, promo work means dressing in bikinis and dancing around a motor car race track. Regardless of your gender. This is a terrible myth, because promo work is actually one of the best student jobs you can find. It’s easy, pays well, and is great for fitting in and around uni timetables. The shifts rarely go longer than 6 hours, and when they do its usually wrapped up in under 4. There are countless companies devoted to promo work, it just takes a quick Google search.

student jobs

Student jobs #3: universities

If you’re already a uni student, then getting a job somewhere on campus should be a breeze. Work in your breaks, finish when the uni closes and make friends with others of your own age/degree/interests. Most universities or student unions advertise student jobs as a way of rewarding students. By giving their own students employment over other job seekers, it promotes support and allegiances within the uni. Try applying to the coffee carts, stationary hubs, cafes and admin areas, and you’re bound to come up with multiple student jobs.

student jobs

Student jobs #4: events

Event work is one of the ultimate student jobs as it gives poor uni students access to cool events, educates them in the world of hospitality and professionalism, and allows them to work when it suits them and their timetable. Event jobs are very touch-and-go, where the power to choose when to work lies with the students. So many people work for these companies that its ok to say no to something if it clashes with an exam or assignment due date. And young people are always desirable for cool events like music festivals and the Easter Show. Work hard, play hard, earn money with student jobs. That’s all there is to it.

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