Key to a harmonious working environment is a good, united team. To some extent, disagreements and differences of opinion are  inevitable. But if mutual respect and understanding exists, then any challenges can be overcome, and won’t disrupt or derail the team’s productivity in the longer term.

To help establish team bonding there are a few different approaches you can take. They all encourage workers to forge connections over common interests, hobbies, and experiences.  People might be reticent at first, but you can bet they’ll be thanking you before long!

Book Club

One of the only things better than a good read is sharing your thoughts on it with fellow enthusiasts. It might be a good idea to start with some reasonably well-known authors – think J.K. Rowling, Danielle Steel, and John Grisham. You want to attract the maximum number of participants from the outset, so starting with a relatively easy read that has proven popularity with a range of demographics is a safe bet.

Encourage participants to read the assigned book by a certain date, when you’ll all sit down and voice your opinions – perhaps over a bottle or two of wine. Also encourage individuals to suggest books for future installments of the club. And remember to decide on how often you’ll want the club to re-convene – should workers be smashing through a book each week, or are monthly meetings preferable? If you’re convening the book club, you should also decide whether there are certain genres – or specific titles – that you’d like to focus on or avoid. 50 Shades Of Grey might not be the best idea, unless you’re in the market for a salacious workplace romance.


Removing your team from the office environment will help individuals to connect over things other than upcoming deadlines or inter-department rivalries. Physical exertion, messy wet hair, and endorphins are a great combination for non-serious fun, so think about enlisting in some form of water-based activity with the help of The Grom.

If you think surfing could be the ticket, buy online Elnino softboards in Australia to avoid office squabbles over who should be paying for equipment. If you’ve got some more adventurous, experienced team-member, you might also want to buy online Elnino surfboards in Australia. It’s probably a good idea to source one team member to act as supervisor and stuff-minder. If somebody expresses concern about being less-than-confident in the water, assign them the key job of keeping an eye on everybody, and arranging transport and post-activity lunch. That way, everyone feels

Event Attendance

A night of dinner, drinks, and a show to boot is sure to help team members loosen up. When it comes to taste in film and music, though, you can be sure that tastes will be far from universal within the office. When Beyoncé and Aersomith are playing gigs in the same week, opinion will certainly be split. If you’re caught between two options, employ some democracy and put things to a vote; if a clear result still hasn’t emerged, a coin toss should do the trick. But if things still aren’t resolved, there’s only one thing you can really do: choose Beyoné. Who doesn’t love Beyoncé? Nobody. That’s who.

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