It is often disregarded how important the reference is when applying for jobs. Job seekers tend to focus most of their attention to the resume and cover letter. People tend to assume that the employers very rarely look into the references – and this may be true. When looking through hundreds of applicants for a position, undertaking a reference check for each and everyone is a tiresome task that might be skimmed over. However, when reaching the later and more critical parts of the application process, a good reference may make all the difference. Here are a few things to remember when adding a reference to the end of your resume.

Try for Verbal References 

An employer would always rather speak to a previous employer than just see the words written by them. If you do supply a letter, make sure that there are current contact details provided as well. Often you may find that written references may not be accepted without these additional contact details, as there is a chance that the reference may have been written by the job seekers themselves.

Choose your reference wisely.

It goes without saying that you should ensure that your references say nice things about you. Choose your references based on their employment relation to you – most employers would rather references from those that held direct management positions above you. Also, ensure that the references you provide are relevant – don’t present a sales representative with a nurse.  Make sure they are current.

Keep your references in the know

You should always make sure that your references know that their details are going on your resume. This, along with being polite and formal, avoids the situation where they are contacted when they don’t want to be. That situation can only hold a negative impact on your image.

Make sure the contact details are up-to-date. 

Make sure that your current references have a copy of your resume and that their contact details are current. If they only wish to be contacted during certain hours, make sure that that is documented. Ensure they are in the know of your current achievements, so they can talk about them if required.

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