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How do you know if you’re in the right career? It’s a big question, and questioning it at all tends to suggest that maybe you’re not. The right career for you could be a teacher, but you’re in engineering. Or it could be writing, instead of that architecture job you took. There a stack of tests out there that claim to tell you whether or not you’re in the right career, and its interesting to see what they think is the best job for you. But there are a few things to consider if you’re wondering whether you’ve picked the right career. You could be yet to find the one job that fits you perfectly.

 Your current ‘right’ career

In the morning, do you wake up excited to go in to work? Do you tell people you’re in the right career, or are you at a crossroads? The key to knowing you’re in the right career is to evaluate how happy you are each morning when you wake up to go to work. If you dread leaving the house, and not just because you hate getting out of bed, then perhaps your current career is not the right career.

right career

 Look around you

What surrounds your house? Is it works of great art? Are there stacks of books piled against the walls? Your hobbies are an interesting insight into what truly makes you tick, and what your potential right career is. The people who inspire you, the projects you participate in and the conversations that spark your imagination outside of work are all useful tools to finding out where your interests lie. Take inspiration from these to help you find your ideal right career.

right career

Try it out

Branch out and locate the right people in your ‘right career’ and interrogate them. Ask them anything and everything about their job – why they love it, what does the job entail, how they got into the industry. The more you find out, the easier it will be to identify if this is the right career for you. If this only interests you more, find out if there is a way you can get some experience with them. It may seem a bit odd for a 40-something year old in a stable job as an accountant to ask for work experience with a film company, but what it essentially comes down to is happiness. If you’re happy with your job, and you enjoy getting out of bed for tit (almost) everyday, all signs point to being in the right career. Check out the quizzes below that determine if you’re in your right career.

Career Path asks you 24 questions to determine your interests and style, thus determining career paths.

Oprah considers your striving style to identify your right career.

Career Test takes a bit longer, and has over 60 questions but promises strong results.

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