Starting your own business can be one the most daring moves you can make in life.  To make that decision  you have to be sure you have  genuine passion to be an entrepreneur and possess the sheer determination  that your business  will succeed.  No matter the obstacles, tribulations and  disputes, or even a lack of funding, an entrepreneur’s  zeal and resiliency should never burn out if  creating a successful business is the  goal.


One Key Skill


Entrepreneurs need to master a fundamental skill – pitching. Being able to sell your ideas, to pitch them to investors and customers  should not be overlooked. You need to put  your heart and soul into every  presentation because ultimately, you want to impress potential backers and gain recognition from the general public. Muru-D is a startup accelerator backed by Telstra. It tries to support the best digital talent in the Australasian region by offering  new companies $40, 000 for 6% equity, 6 months in the co-working space, and access to intensive workshops, mentoring sessions, investors, international markets and the Telstra network.


It’s Still a Struggle


One businessmen told me about his journey as an entrepreneur and the struggles he endured. I asked him whether it had all been worth it. “Mmm not always,” he answered, “but you move on.”
It’s certainly not all clear skies and smooth roads, and initially, new businesses struggle financially and their owners face tough emotional battles.  To withstand that, they need to be fuelled by passion – a commitment that will see them through the hardship. Yes, you’ll lose money but you move on until you start seeing a  profit and press on from there. Certainly, you can’t afford to slack off.


Powering all the  effort should be an underlying passion. That will be a breath of fresh air when you feel you’re suffocating.  For entrepreneurs, their business is like  a child: You invest in something you know will grow and have the potential to be great.