So you’ve just graduated. It’s time to enter the real world now. Years of school then university have finally resulted in you getting that degree, prepping yourself to get that dream job.

But there is a problem. Every single one of your fellow graduates is banking on the exact same thing.

The job market is tough, especially for a new graduate. There are a few tips and tricks that you can remember so as to give yourself a better shot at gaining a brilliant start. Here are a few tips for graduates starting off in the job world.

Start searching right away 

Don’t delay your job hunt. You may be tempted to just take a few months off after you graduate to just relax, but you may be underestimating how long it takes to find a job, particularly if you don’t have much experience. Start searching as soon as you can, even if it’s before you finish your degree.

Don’t trust every piece of advice you hear

If your parents are your main source of job guidance, you may want to look for some other help as well. It’s not to say that your family cannot help, it’s just that job-hunting techniques have changed a lot over the last few years. Try and find more reliable sources of advice, such as careers advisors from universities or professional job-hunting consultants.

Don’t be too picky 

While it’s important not to apply to every job that you see, you shouldn’t only go for a specific job title. Be open and broaden your horizons. The truth is, in today’s job market, if you are aiming for a very particular job, chances are hundreds of others are too. Open yourself up to a wider range of possibilities and you may find it easier to find work.


Let past managers know that you’re in the hunt for a job. Check out past internships, family friends in the business or even co-workers. There may be a job lying around!

Practice Interviewing

Chances are, you’re going to be going on a few of these over the next few months. Start researching and practicing some interview techniques and make sure you’re not going into your first one completely unprepared. Because graduates don’t have loads of experience, having a good interview may be the special edge you have over your competitors.


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