Tradespeople are valued and highly regarded members of Australian society and their jobs are recognised as not only difficult and demanding but also as incredibly vital for our infrastructure and economy. Becoming a tradie provides a fulfilling career that many people are turning to for work in the country.

A report released last year, commissioned by the Commonwealth Bank Executive manager even revealed that tradies, miners and construction workers are some of the most prized and highest paying professions in the country. On average, men and women donning fluro shirts were earning $1229 a week, which was a record-breaking $144 higher than those working behind a desk.

How to Become a Tradie

If you’ve always considered completing a trade but haven’t done anything to pursue your dream, take solace in the knowledge that it’s probably easier than you may think. You can either start an apprenticeship through your school in year 10, conducting it part-time, or go full-time into an apprenticeship once you finish school. The best way to find a suitable trade apprenticeship is to monitor newspapers and industry magazines, search on online jobs search sites, attend a career expo in your area or network through people you know who are training  to be or already are professional tradies.

For up-to-date, reliable and professional information on conducting Trades, where to find them and sorting out the logistics once you have one, check out the Australian Apprenticeships website.

Tips for Tradie Businesses

The best ways to make your tradie business stand out from the crowd is to establish your points of difference. Highlight what makes you better than other companies, whether it be your organisation, track record or personalised service. In this competitive environment, try to target your particular services to locals so you become the ‘go-to’ service in your town or suburb. You should also make sure you’re insured, have an effective website, get positive referrals and track your success to determine what is most effective for your business to increase profits.

Most Important Tools for Tradies

While some vital tools for tradies are fairly self-evident, there are also essential tools or instruments you should get your hands on whether an apprentice or established business that don’t immediately come to mind. Some of the most obvious and important things are utes (one of the more expensive yet highly useful tools), sanders, saws, grinders, tool boxes, generators and the list goes on. Obviously it depends what area you’ve done your trade in and whether you are required to have your own tools or the business supplies them as to what tools you should buy. Suss out the business prior to buying expensive tools to determine what you should have your own set of.

One important apparatus for tradie businesses that would often come under the radar are general purpose spill kits in Australia. Because of the toxic or chemical elements tradies often work with, it is vital that they dispose of their waste safely and ethically with spill kits Australia. You can dispose of oils, fuels, solvents, paints, or even water-based spills, no matter how large or small the waste. Spill Kits Direct is a cheap and convenient service to give you piece of mind if a spill occurs and to reduce your environmental impact. No matter where you are in Australia, they’ll come straight to your door and quite literally take away your troubles.

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