travelling for workMany a youngster has dreamed of their job when they grow up and aspired to somehow incorporate travelling for work. Whether it be presenting on Getaway, being a travel tour guide or simply conducting meetings interstate or overseas, young people could think of nothing better as part of their job description. However, in stark contrast to this, many middle aged workers who have have been travelling for work will be very quick to tell you that it is much more of a drag than it is a dream.


The pros of travelling for work are fairly self-evident – you get to travel to various locations, seeing either your country or the world with most if not all (tax-deductible) expenses being taken care of by your work. You will also often travel with a safer and nicer airline and stay at a more luxurious hotel such as the Grand Hotel Melbourne than if you were simply travelling by yourself.

If you have a job that involves constantly travelling, however, this is a different ball game altogether. Being able to travel constantly allows you to see new and exciting corners of the globe whilst getting paid. Not only can you constantly indulge in your passion for new cultures and locations, but depending on the job you could also have the opportunity to impart some of this enthusiasm on to other travellers. Rather than having to wait for the few weeks off you have a year to travel to one or a few locations, which will cost you a fortune, you could witness the sights and experience the adventure the planet has to offer while simultaneously making money.


The cons of travelling for work are also relatively obvious – although you are travelling, it is for work not leisure. You often don’t get much time to sightsee or have time to yourself as you are taken there for a reason – usually to meet with colleagues, consult clients or check out the possibility of a new business venture.

If travelling full time as part of your job description, the major disadvantage is the inability of settling down, maintaining friendships or relationships or being able to start a family. Constantly moving and rarely having a solid, static place you can call home takes a particular type of person who is independent, doesn’t get home- or family-sick very easily and who can live without their creature comforts of their own bed or personalised home.

Best Jobs that Involve Travelling for Work

tour-guideIf after taking such pros and cons into consideration you still aspire to get a job that involves travelling, take a look at the best jobs out there for you travel-savvy folk looking to satisfy your insatiable wanderlust.

I recently noticed a competition which is titled, ‘The Best Job in the World’. And for good reason. An American travel match-making site, Jauntaroo, has launched a search for a World Chief explorer. The winner would travel around the world for a total of one year, blogging about their experiences and taking videos of each location they visit, and they get paid $100,000 for doing it. After having over 3,000 applicants, Jauntaroo has narrowed down their search to just five potential chief world explorers. In amongst four Americans, Tyson Mayr is our own Aussie representative who is very much in the running for winning the esteemed title.

Help your fellow Australian, Tyson, acquire the best job in the world by checking out his video and voting for him here. Although not everyone would have the opportunity to claim such an incredible job, Tyson is a testament to our ability to make money out of anything as long as we are passionate and persevering enough. Mayr has been travelling the world for the last four years, volunteering in remote communities and experiencing the most unique and incredible adventures from each and every continent this wonderful planet has to offer. Regardless of whether he receives this incredible job, Tyson will continue to travel around the world, meeting new people, helping those less fortunate and informing others of his amazing exploits simply on account of his love for travel.

Other jobs that may not be quite as glamorous but still allow you take part in travelling for work include travel tour guides, international aid workers, large-scale event coordinators, consultants, pilots or flight attendants and cruise line workers. Combining work that you enjoy and traveling experiences that you love is a very worthwhile and pleasurable experience for the right types of people. It can allow you to view and experience all of the major capitals of Australia and sometimes give you that much needed time away to relax in Melbourne Hotel Accommodation.

As well as proving you as a capable and independent member of staff, travelling for work is also a great opportunity to experience the cultural side of Melbourne, with it’s plethora of restaurants, cafes and conference rooms ideal for business meetings. As the major business hub of Australia, Melbourne is one of the most popular destinations for work travelling purposes. There is therefore plenty of central, comfortable and affordable Melbourne apartment accommodations options
that satisfy all your travelling for work requirements. 

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