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You’d be tweeting mad not to use Twitter for business

You can see why managers are hesitant to adopt twitter for business purposes. It’s easy to underestimate the power of Twitter as a marketing platform. Unlike Facebook, it doesn’t reach as many lay-people and unlike a dedicated website, you don’t have enough room to completely express your whole business message. You only have 140 characters. It’s at once its greatest limitation and also the reason why it is and will continue to be a massive force on the web communication landscape.

The quick and sharp nature of a tweet makes using Twitter for business a different breed of social media beast. It is the falcon to Facebook’s lion and the elephant that is traditional web. With this in mind, you should remember that, because it’s a different platform, the way you approach it should also be different. Here are our top tips (the Three I’s) to using Twitter for business.


If the internet has the attention span of a ten-year old, Twitter is a ten-year old with ADHD, pumped up on red cordial and methamphetamines. If you want to engage an audience, you have to be fast. If it happened two hours ago, in the Twitter universe, it may as well be ancient history. Feed the public’s insatiable hunger for information and feed it now. Use the trends function to see what others are talking about and use hashtags to be part of the conversation.


Twitter is built to be a web of engagement. Tweet at people, retweet interesting content, reply to people who interact with you. The more people you come into contact with, the more likely it is that they’ll share your content and follow you.


Your business will most likely have other social media profiles already. The utility of Twitter is its ability to quickly and effectively share existing content to a targeted group of people. Never just post links. Also add a witty little quip to go with it to entice people to click-through.

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