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It’s an unusual jobs day, and we’re feeling inspired. Forbes has released its 2013 list of unusual jobs that pay surprisingly well, and its almost made us consider a career change. The list is based on a book entitled ‘Odd jobs: how to have fun and make money in a bad economy’, as well as a host of other sources. The list of bizarre jobs gives us a refreshing new look at how to make money. If you sometimes think you’d rather be selling hotdogs and chatting to locals than crunching numbers at the office, this list is here to inspire you. The occupations listed here are fun, social, and of course, unusual. Have a look at this year’s collection of unusual jobs that can earn you money, and enjoy considering the possibilities.

2013 unusual jobs

  1. Embalmer: With an average pay of $43, 680 a year.unusual jobs
  2. Hot dog vendor: an unpredictable, one earning between $30, 000 and $100, 000 a year.
  3. Personal shopper: do what you love and get $25, 000 to $100, 000+ annually!
  4. Ice Cream taster, or “food scientist”: bringing in an average of $56, 000 a year just for eating some cold stuff.
  5. Virtual head hunter: get a sweet $250 – $10, 000 per referral, without hardly leaving your desk.
  6. Funeral service manager: earning around $79, 930 a year (we’re deadly serious).
  7. Body part model: handing you a neat $20-$1000+ for an afternoon.
  8. Live mannequin: stand around and score up to $100 an hour with this unusual job.
  9. Genetic counsellor: earning an average $55, 820 each year.
  10. Cruise ship entertainer: set sail for between $3000 and $4, 500 a month, plus room and board. All you need to provide is the entertainment.

So there you have it; the most unusual jobs you are likely to earn money from. If you’re thinking career change, try your hand at one of these gigs, and have fun earning some cash. The annual list of unusual jobs never fails to impress and intrigue. They’ve got everything from ice cream taster to live mannequin up for grabs as legitimate (and well paying!) career choices, so the choice of unusual jobs certainly isn’t limited. Who knows, you could be cruise ship hopping or hot dog making your way around the globe. Imagine that!

unusual jobs

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