Whether you’ve retired, work part-time, or just want to give back to the community, volunteering is a fantastic experience to be a part of. In a world where everyone wants everything now, and money makes the world go round, volunteering slows that world down. Once it’s slowed down, you notice that money doesn’t always mean everything, and that volunteering helps plenty of people in all sorts of situations. Volunteering opportunities exist in almost every business. There are volunteers at hospitals, selling second hand items to raise money for patients, and making tea for both the sick and the visitors. There are volunteers taking meals to the elderly and homeless when they just can’t do it themselves. And of course there are volunteers in jobs such as the Rural Fire Service, who help full-time firefighters battle blazes and save lives. Volunteering is an amazing occupation to pick up, casually or on a regular basis, and it lifts the spirits of everyone you meet. If this is something you’ve been thinking of doing, we’ve got a few tips to get you started…


Beginning Your Volunteering

Pick your area

Do you want to work with the sick, the elderly, or the disabled? Do you want to fight fires in rural communities or lend a helping hand to refugees? Whatever it is you’d like to get involved with, there are plenty of areas to start with. Check out the notice board at your local church or community centre for any opportunities, contact your local ‘meals on wheels’ organisation, or visit a Salvations Army store to ask about volunteering. It’s as simple as that, and people truly appreciate the sacrifice.

Be prepared for questions

Sometimes, the people coordinating volunteers need to ask some tough questions before you can help out. Volunteering is frequently associated with vulnerable groups such as disabled or elderly, or with risky professions like fire-fighting. You may be required to attend an interview or even obtain an Australian Federal Police Check.┬áMost people offering their volunteering services are worthy and compassionate people, but sometimes people aren’t doing it for the love or dedication. By getting an Australian Police Clearance Check, organisers can be sure that you’re honest and reliable, which of course makes the whole experience more rewarding. And of course if you’re someone hiring volunteers, there’s no easier way to obtain these police checks than by visiting the National Crime Check website, where background checks are returned in under 48 hours.

volunteeringBe committed

Volunteering isn’t something to take lightly, and if you give it your all, it is immensely rewarding. The joy of the people you’re helping, and the potential to brighten up their day is all the motivation you need in the end. If you’re working with the sick, and you make them laugh, or you help a newly settled refugee find a job, their gratitude will give you the most uplifting reward of all. When you commit your time, your energy, and all of your patience to helping the less fortunate, you find a job and a feeling that money just can’t buy.

Volunteering a noble, wonderful opportunity for people to give back to their community. Whether it’s as simple as delivering meals or driving someone to a doctor’s appointment, you can find great joy through the simple things. If you have the time or capacity to volunteer, it’s not only worth doing, but is an experience that will bring happiness to a lot of people who need it.