nurseBeing a nurse is both immensely rewarding and incredibly exhausting. Anyone in the profession needs a positive attitude and a tough skin, because it takes a very special person to be a nurse. It’s a known fact that nurses aren’t nearly as appreciated as they should be, and that they work hard for their pay checks. Nursing can be challenging at best, but the ability to help people, and even change the way patients see things, can be a wonderful experience. Nurses are a blessing disguised in scrubs, and if you want to be a nurse, the path is open for you to make a difference. Deciding what you want to be is easy enough, but knowing where to start is the next step. What courses are available, and where? How long does it take? What happens when you graduate? These are all things that pop into your head when you’re thinking about becoming a nurse. And that’s why we’ve got all the information you need to get yourself started on the journey to becoming a nurse.

School’s out

Year 12 is the time for future planning. Career advisors, parents and friends alike all want to know your ambitions. You choose your university preferences, your TAFE courses and your gap year holiday spots. For striving nurses in the making, the same applies. To become a Registered nurse, you have to complete a Bachelor of Nursing course at university. There are 13 universities in Australia offering Bachelor of Nursing courses, which is three years, full time. These courses provide a mixture of theory and practical clinical experience in a range of settings. These settings include:

  • medical and surgical wards
  • emergency departments
  • paediatric wards
  • operating theatres
  • mental health units
  • rehabilitation
  • aged care facilities
  • intensive care units and
  • Aboriginal and community health

Once you graduate, an application is made to the Nurses and Midwives Board to practice as a Registered Nurse. You can later choose to specialise in jobs for nurses such as Midwifery, Mental Health or Surgical.


So you’re a Registered nurse?

Once you’ve completed your bachelor at university, it’s time to find a job in nursing. You may have already been offered a position by one of your supervisors at your practical placements, or you might be looking for a fresh start. Plexus Recruitment is a free recruitment service that helps you find available nursing jobs around Australia. You can opt to search for jobs in your area, or even be brave and check out jobs on the other side of the country! There are jobs available in Oncology, as a Midwife, or even in Cardiac areas. Emergency Nurse Jobs in Melbourne and Brisbane are also highly popular career paths once you’ve completed your nursing degree. The process is easy and straightforward, and the site is the perfect hub to find all your needs and enquiries. As a Registered nurse, you don’t need to look any further.

Nursing is one of the most trusted professions in our society. Nurses help people when they’re sick, and care for you while you’re in hospital. They make home visits, and tend to your every need. Nurses are selfless, compassionate people, and no one else could do the jobs they do. If you’re considering joining this generous profession, it isn’t something you’re likely to regret.

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