stk80264corIt’s that exciting yet daunting time of year when the work Christmas party is approaching and the questions of how to behave loom ever closer. There’s probably been much chatter about the workplace in the lead up to your work Christmas party, and whether you’re leaning more towards the nervous of excited side of the spectrum, the code of etiquette will ┬álikely cross your mind at some point.

Attending a work Christmas party should be a fun event, which gives you the opportunity to let your hair down and get to know your colleagues outside of the office context. Of course you should enjoy yourself, take advantage of the free alcohol and talk about things that don’t involve work. You should also ensure that you are relaxed and let others witness your true personality outside of your job.

However, in saying this, you must be wary of getting too drunk and making a fool of yourself as you will still have to see and work with these people in a few days or weeks. Don’t take the work Christmas party as a opportunity to air your grievances with colleagues or hook up publicly with a workmate. Finding a balance is the key to having a fun, yet embarrassment-free work christmas party.


It is often far too easy at the work christmas party to down a few too many glasses of champagne before the main festivities have even begun. Free booze and hours of mingling time before a meal create a lethal combination that leads straight into the trap of cementing your rep as the embarrassing drunkard of the group. To avoid this, make sure you take it slow, particularly before putting food in your belly. Don’t try and match your older and larger boss drink for drink and try not to get too excited by the festivities. Completely finish a drink before filling it up again so you can keep track of how much you’re drinking and stay
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within your limits. Make sure you still let loose a little bit and enjoy yourself, but just try to avoid being the person who writes themselves off and has to be put in a cab at 6pm. Remember, you’ll probably have to face these people the next day.

Singing and Dancing

In the ‘let your hair down’ spirit of work christmas parties, it is a great idea to engage in a bit of dancing or karaoke. Bosses and colleagues enjoy seeing the quirky sides of your personality that they don’t usually witness. Regardless of whether you’re a good singer or dancer, enjoy a boogie at the party, however within reason. Don’t show off your new Beyonce moves or your newly discovered twerking ability – remember that your boss or manager is probably watching you so keep your dance moves tame.


If there’s a theme at your work Christmas party, you should definitely show your enthusiasm and get involved. Go to some trouble with the costume and get into the Christmas spirit. If there’s no theme, however, wear something slightly festive while still staying conservative. Even if you’re outside the office at a meeting room in Melbourne, you are still in the workplace context so try your normal work attire while adding something red or something Christmassy such as a Santa hat.


If you are bringing you partner along to the festivities, ensure they understand and appreciate the importance of workplace etiquette as well. Your partner reflects on you so no matter how well you behave, if your partner becomes the vomiting mess, this will still give you a bad reputation. Alternatively, if you are single and looking to take the next step with the cute worker in the stall across from yours, be wary. Although the work Christmas party may seem like the perfect venue at which to advance your relationship ,think again before making out in front of your whole work cohort. If you are looking to hook up with someone at the end of year celebration, be discreet about it and ensure you don’t become the workplace gossip the next day. Also ensure your behaviour is appropriate and not too forward so as to avoid any unwanted reactions.

For Work Christmas Party Organisers

For those appointed with the formidable task of organising the work Christmas party, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure a smoothly running and enjoyable event for all. One of the key tips is to hold you party off-site away from the office. Not only does this encourage people to interact in a more friendly less work-related manner, it also puts someone else in charge of serving drinks. Bartenders can thus monitor people’s drinking levels and they can be the bad guys telling someone to stop if they’re getting out of hand, rather than you.

When looking for a venue, try to splash out and find somewhere with a great menu, high-class service and preferably spectacular views. Ether Conference Centre in the heart of Melbourne CBD satisfies all such criteria and would easily provide one of the most convenient and enjoyable Christmas parties you could find. So if you’re searching for meeting room hire in Melbourne, look no further. All major cities in Australia have similarly suitable venues so just make sure you shop around for the best deals and most suitable locations before finalising the party venue.


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