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When your office starts to lag, and employee motivation is about as exciting as sedatives, it’s time to shake things up a little. A small, dreary office is not good for anybody, but how do you snap everyone out of the depressed, winter work blues? A work conference is the answer. A work conference gets either all or just a few employees out of the office for a few days, and in a new environment to rejuvenate the office morale. By removing employees from the office where they’ve lost creativity and drive, you’re giving them the chance to refresh and unwind, which can only bring good things. Sometimes, people just need to get out of their comfort zone, and get dunked into a new city, environment or circumstance. When they re-emerge, they’re full of vitality and ready to approach work with a new zest and energy. But to get there, the work conference has to happen.

Making the work conference happen

work conferenceIf you work in a small office, it’s well worth taking the entire group, but if your office is a little larger, pick the strongest employees that you feel will get the most out of the work conference. Arrange a meeting with your employees to discuss what should happen at the work conference. Set goals, outline problems to address, and bounce around ideas of what might bring the cohort closer to achieving business goals. Pick a few days for the work conference to span across, and make sure the employees understand why they’ve been chosen to come on the work conference. The entire purpose of a work conference is to bring new life to the company, and get workers out of the rut they’re stuck in.

Next, ensure you are aware of what you’d like to get out of the work conference. How can you make the most of this time away from the working environment? Organise a key influential speaker to meet with you and your staff, in order to discuss their ideas for an improved business. Working with a major player in the industry will inspire your employees to find new ideas to bring to the table,  as well as making them feel like they’re working on something bigger.

Engage employees in some icebreaker and problem solving games for established teams. By reconnecting with the person rather than the employee, you’ll find new things out about them, and see where their strengths lie. Huddle gives us the top 10 team building exercises for employees to do in a group. Similarly, host a game-show style activity, where the questions revolve around the business and industry. This is a good way to learn how much staff actually know about the company, and where you might need to improve understanding.

Where to go

work conference

On a work conference, you’ll need to take staff out of their usual comfort zones in order to get the best results. If you’re a company working in Sydney, Melbourne is a fantastic option to shake up the staff routine. The accommodation you choose should also have a conference room you can utilise for your work conference. If you’re looking at apartment accommodation in Melbourne, you’ll find spacious, comfortable rooms for your staff to relax in when not attending work conference events. The Grand Hotel Melbourne has a reputation for offering amazing apartment accommodation for companies looking to hold a work conference. It has a fully functional conference room, with Internet access, overhead projector, whiteboard, TV and 4.8m boardroom table.

If you choose to stay at the Grand Hotel Melbourne, there are a number of attractions nearby to enjoy with your staff. The Etihad Stadium is a 3 minute taxi or a 10 minute walk from the hotel, where you can enjoy a host of sporting events such as AFL, cricket, and soccer. A great way to build camaraderie between colleagues is to enjoy a common interest, and sport tends to preoccupy most Australians.  Adjacent to the Grand Hotel is Batman Park, a large green space where you and your staff can play team sports and bond with a training session. And when it’s time for dinner and a few celebratory drinks, The Wharf Hotel, just 3 minutes walk from the Grand Hotel, offers a modern Australian take on quality pub meals, with nightly dinner specials and quality local wines.

A work function can be the best way to reinvent your team of employees, and find new ideas to bring back to the office. Melbourne offers a refreshing change of scenery, and takes staff to a new working environment where they can reassess the business from a new perspective. Don’t discount the impact a work conference can have on the office, and consider taking your staff on a quality, team-building work conference. You’ll be seeing the effects in no time.

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