Real estate is one of Australia’s most high-profile, booming industries. Auctioneer’s hammers are a familiar sight on news bulletins and in print, as the property sections of weekend newspapers continue to thicken with listings, results, and stunning visual spreads. From the waterfront mansions of Sydney, to the suburban start-ups that typify the Australian dream, to the sprawling properties of Perth, homes across the country are selling at an incredible pace. Behind the pristine domestic facades are a unique breed of driven, target-focused, energised workers who are currently, no doubt, enjoying the fruits of their labours: real estate agents.

The propeprty sector is an exciting, and potentially lucrative are to work in, and is also very safe. No matter the state of the market, people will always need somewhere to live, and will be looking for somewhere bigger and better than their current digs. Working in real estate offers good financial potential, great social interaction, and the buzz of knowing you’ve helped someone find their dream home.


As Australia’s population continues to age and accumulate wealth, those nearing retirement are consitently buying an investment property as a means of shoring up regular income following their retirement. In addition to this, wealthy foreign investors are injecting incredible amounts of money into the local market. In July this year, commentators were estimating that Chinese property investments in Australia could be valued at around $5.4 billion. No doubt, that figure has grown considerably in the months since. These demographic groups represent only two sources of potential for property professionals, and indicate that house values should continue to rise in the years to come, as both local and international demand increases.


Most agents work on commission. Of course, there’s generally a reasonable base wage, but if you have the charm and charisma to sell a decent number of properties, you can start earning enough to become a buyer as well as a seller.

For each property they sell, real estate agents will take a slice of the revenue, with the most often-quoted figure being around 2-3%. Selling a million-dollar home, then, you net you a lump sum of $30,000 or more – not exactly bad going. And not out of the question, either, given the rising popularity of commercial investment properties around the country. The success of property investment services such as Momentum Wealth indicates that lots of people – not only the stratospherically wealthy – are looking for investment options. And each property sold means a few more coins in the piggy-banks of real estate agents.

Buying and Leasing

Although it is a reasonably safe, stable industry to be working in, the property market is still subject to trends. Given the high demand for investment properties at the moment, younger, less cashed-up parties are seemingly finding it difficult to get a foot in the door of the industry. This means that the rental market is also burgeoning, as young people resign themselves to renting until they’ve built up enough capital to rival the big-guns with existing assets. Selling to this market, while perhaps not as financially fulfilling, is sure to be engaging and fun.

Real estate isn’t all wiping shoes on door-mats, or re-arranging flowers. It’s an industry that can offer enthusiasm, competitiveness, social stimulation, and financial opportunities.