The New Year is always pervaded by never-ending lists of predictions, new trends, expectations and upcoming events or goings on. It is always interesting to cap of the year with a reflection of the past twelve months and begin a new one with forecasts of what the next one will hold. Even though time goes on just as it always does, the turnover of a new year creates a mindset of renewal and change that affects almost every aspect of our lives. One of those aspects is undeniably the workplace.

Whether it be new goals, staff turnovers or renewed workplace practices, there is no doubt that the new year also brings with it a whole suite of revamped norms and procedures. Without further ado, here is Expert 360’s prophecies of what 2015 will hold in the way of workplace trends and changes.

The general trends seem to entail the seek for more independence and freedom, bigger turnarounds, and strong ambitions from younger workers.

1. Continuous Job Searching

Just today my friend at lunchtime was telling me the methods he was using to surreptitiously look on SEEK while in the office. With constant emails from LinkedIn about ‘new jobs you might be interested in’, continual networking events taking place and the ever-present fear of being able to work somewhere better, 2015 will apparently be the year of perpetual job searching.

2. More Millennials Stepping Up as Boss

Generation Y want to have more responsibility and they’re only going to get it more in 2015. So expect the ‘youngens’ in the workplace to crave (and perhaps achieve) those higher positions.

3. Casual Wear

Casual fridays will likely extend to other days of the week in 2015 as more work people will be seen wearing gym gear, jeans or more exciting tops around the office.

4. Internships

Studies have concluded that by 2020, 40% of the total working population will be millennials. Internships are a great way for people entering their careers to gain crucial experience and work their way up in a business.

5. Working Remotely

Many offices are now becoming a lot more flexible with staff working from home, or remotely. As long as the work gets done, this makes sickness, kids or extended working holidays a lot easier to deal with.

6. Fast Talent Turnaround

With sites like LinkedIn, the plethora of job recruitment agencies and digital technology, bosses and talent want to find each other immediately without the unnecessary dilly-dallying around of the past.

7. Work is Deeply Personal

Far from having two entirely separate spheres of work and personal life, 2015 will see the two merge ever closer together. Events, relationships and time spent will blur together to make work a deeply personal affair.

8. Cultural Fit – hiring for cultural reasons

Ensuring a new employee assimilates with the values and general culture of a workplace is set to be a key feature of hiring in the next year.

9. Talent Development Key to Retention

In an age where company loyalty has been left by the wayside, talent development programs will become the key way to retain valuable staff.

10. The Rise of the Freelancer

30% of Australians are now undertaking some form of freelance work. New technology, entrepreneurial spirit and and the structure of the market seems to have borne a new generation of freelancer workers who want to be more flexible in their work.


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