In the latter stages of high school, students are given the exciting yet nerve-racking opportunity to choose certain subjects that interest and excite them as individuals. This means they are able to cater their curriculum to only subjects that they can see a future in or which will make school much more enjoyable for them.

Helps you Get Better Marks

Choosing high school electives is a positive process because you can cater your subjects to your particular personality. Each student has highly varying tastes and possesses strengths in completely different areas of study. Therefore, allowing students to only do the subjects that they are passionate about means that they are more likely to perform better in the subject. Rather than simply attending classes for the sake of it and only trying to pass a subject, students are more inspired to do well and get better marks.

Makes School More Exciting and Interesting

The more passionate you are about a subject, the more exciting and interesting high school becomes. Not only will students perform better in their subjects but they will also be more motivated to go to class, and thus school in general. You can also meet and spend time with people who have similar interests as you and create a better rapport with teachers who can inspire you about their subject of interest.

Prepares you for Tertiary Education

Deciding upon high school electives is vital for tertiary education not only because you often need prerequisite subjects for certain degrees, but also to prepare you for the kind of work involved within that area. For example, history will teach you how to write effective essays and reference correctly, where as science will teach you how to properly write up experimental reports. Learning these specific skills will make the transition between school and university much smoother and ensure that you are better prepared when making the jump to tertiary education. On top of this, receiving better marks from subjects you enjoy means that you have a demonstrated interest in a particular area and are more likely to get in to the course or your choice.

Allows you to Test Out Potential Career Paths

High school is the perfect time to test out particular subjects of interest and narrow down the scope for potential career paths. The earlier years of high school often give you a taste of the various areas of study, allowing you to then choose subjects related to what you may want to pursue later in life. School is a great arena in which to try out a variety of subjects as you can determine what suits you and what doesn’t, and rule out careers if they’re not for you.

Not the Be All and End All

Although high school electives are an important aspect of your schooling years, they are fortunately not the be all and end all to your career. They are a great way to test out the waters of various careers and narrow down what you may be interested in. However, the beauty is that you still have plenty of time to change your mind later on and it will cause you no detriment if you realise you don’t want to pursue any of the subjects you chose.

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