If you run a small business, you are probably familiar with the kind of pressure which can build up and sometimes overflow. You’re the one doing all the work, overseeing every possible angle, and all the profits are yours. But so are the bills. And sometimes, they can be huge!

I own a showroom for industrial kitchen wear in Sydney. The business practically runs itself, but the products need to get to the showroom first. And that’s a long and often difficult process. Buying and procurement can be a drawn out procedure, and I’ll often spend months at a time away from home visiting manufacturers all over the region.

Mostly, I focus on purchasing from China and Japan, as they’re local powerhouses for innovation and technology. But the costs of travel can often multiply quickly: I need travel insurance, places to sleep and eat, and I need to manage my affairs from a distance. The end result is usually a lot of fatigue, rampant hotel costs and a nightmare inducing phone bill of truly epic proportions.

This quarter, my accountant suggested that I try a few budgeting tips in order to cut down on the costs of running the business. Sales were down and manufacturer’s prices were slightly higher. I’d have to stay in more moderate accommodation and my per diem would be drastically reduced. But I’d also have to work with a slim communications budget, even if that meant going losing the phone on roaming.

Without my phone, I’d feel lost, practically adrift in a sea of hotels and airport lounges. It was just something I couldn’t do without, and the business couldn’t survive me going off grid for too long either. I resolved to do a bit of online research in order to find a quality provider at the lowest rate possible.

It was almost by accident that I came across United Global Sim, a company that offered exactly what I needed. The rates were super competitive and provided access to a range of reputable international networks. They also supplied internet access at amazingly low rates. And best of all, it was pre paid, so there would be no surprising bill at the end of it!

It’s been two months since I started using United Gobal Sim as my carrier, and my travel costs have dropped drastically. Now, my business is more competitive and I’m able to get on top of finding the right products for my showroom. I strongly recommend that you check out your options when it comes to your mobile carrier and ultimately find the right service to suit your needs!

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