Be prepared and relaxed!

Be prepared and relaxed!

It’s a little awkward when you’re asked for it, but completely necessary too. A Police Check is the last thing you might think of as a necessary hoop to jump through in order to be employed. But it’s one of the most important and commonly overlooked parts of getting a new job.

Recently, I had been unemployed for a few months and trying to find work in my professional field. In the meantime, a job service provider suggested that I try and broaden my field of enquiry in order to find a temporary or stop-gap job. It seemed like a good idea, so I took a certificate in security. I’ve always been physically fit and am built quite solidly.

I took a few interviews and managed to get a call back for the one I thought was most interesting, an art gallery in the city. A follow up interview was going to be conducted in six days. In the meantime, they asked me to please present a police check at the interview.

I’d never had a police check done and didn’t really know where to start. I was also concerned that I wouldn’t have enough time to get it before the interview. So, I called my brother who once mentioned having to get one for a construction job. ‘Gees,’ he said. ‘It can be tough getting them in quick time. A mate of mine used this website last year and said it was quick. Maybe I’ll text him and find out what it was called. Hold on, mate.’ A minute or two later, I was given the web address for National Crime Check.

I logged online and had a look around the site. It seemed easy to use and the best part was that most National Criminal History Checks were processed within 24-48 hours of lodgement. It was also easy to pay using my credit card. I lodged my details and proceeded with the check, hoping that I might get it just in time for the interview.

A few days later, well ahead of schedule, I received my full Criminal Check by mail. I eventually got the job, but it was a relief to know that I was fully prepared for the process and in good stead for employment. I’d recommend National Crime Check for anyone in a similar situation where time is of the essence. They really took the anxiety and awkwardness out of waiting for a critical document, allowing the user to focus on the more important task ahead: getting a job!

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