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If you were the class clown at school, or your favourite subject was drama, chances are you’ll be looking for creative jobs when you finish school. You’re the kind of person who just won’t fit the mould of an office worker. Maybe your mum always caught you daydreaming, or perhaps your trade falls under the writing umbrella. No matter where you want to work, there are creative jobs out there for you. It may not always be the easiest industry to find work in – the creative workforce never is – but if you’ve got passion, you’ll find one. There are university courses in music production and art history, and there are specific agencies that help people find creative jobs in the elusive industry. Basically, there is hope yet. Don’t give up on what you love to do, because if you nail a job in your chosen career path, you’ll never have a bad day at work.

Where to find creative jobscreative jobs

  • Daily Pedestrian – jobs listed here range from “music lover” and “fashion garment technician”, to “creative writer” and “graphic designer”. If you want fun and unique employment in the creative jobs industry, this place is the perfect place to start looking! You can do advanced searches for creative jobs, upload your own jobs and sign up to free job alerts.
  • Artisan Recruitment – these guys are the leaders in connecting candidates with creative jobs in the industry community. They source talent across permanent, temporary and contract roles within design, marketing & communications, digital, production and account service.
  • Creative Companies – they look all over the place to find creative jobs so you don’t have to! Kind of like the job search websites like seek or mycareer, but specifically tailored to creative jobs.

Why do we need creative jobs?

Bret Morstad is leading the way with insisting that all companies hire creative thinkers in order to best enhance their business. He says “creative-minded individuals can be found in all disciplines, from the accounts payable analyst to the IT administrator. It’s equally important that these traditionally “non-creative” positions are considered areas for creativity.”

Creative jobs aren’t always the ones you’d expect. You can find an outlet for your creativity in a number of jobs – even the one you’re currently in! A lot of employers, like Morstad, insist that their employees have character and imagination, because otherwise how will you ever evolve? People who seek out creative jobs can visualise how a solution might look in their mind before it has even been put to paper. Creative people are also innovators. They break away from norms and conventions whenever possible, and they are open to explore and try what hasn’t been tried before.

creative jobsPeter Schutz, former CEO of Porsche, said it all in his iconic mantra: “Hire character. Train skill.” He looks for creative people to actually make creative jobs out of the current job roles of the company. By adding elements of creativity to the workforce, employees think outside the box and aspire to original ideas.

Inspire me!

If you’re looking for some of the most amazing creative jobs, why not start with the people who currently do them. Source support, information and inspiration from those who have paved the way for your dream creative jobs. Fast Company has listed the top 100 Most Creative People in Business 2013. Find your creative jobs and enjoy a life worth living, chasing your passion until the very end!

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