Mature Businessman Seated at a TableJob seekers often have a tendency to immediately despise all employers or recruiters, passing them off as selfish and unsympathetic, or essentially the devil reincarnated as the person in a suit sitting across the table, ticking boxes and giving vague, transparent responses to your less than perfect answers. Well that’s how I felt as a young jobless uni student anyway. Going through applications and interviews is a real annoyance for everyone regardless of whether it’s a part time position at McDonalds, an internship through uni or or a graduate job at a law firm. Spending so much time applying for, researching and preparing for potential jobs is incredibly frustrating, particularly because there’s a high chance it could all be for nothing. But what you learn to understand later on is that these processes are difficult and arduous for a reason, and surprisingly enough it really isn’t the fault of the employer.

Company’s make you jump through many leaps and hurdles before hiring a successful applicant because employers look for a) the best person for the job and b) the person with the highest level of enthusiasm and passion. If you put yourself in the shoes of an employer, the annoying process tends to become slightly more reasonable and you may realise that what you thought were devil horns are actually just weirdly gelled bits of hair because they were in a rush this morning and they are humans too. Thinking from the perspective of what employers look for also allows you to more adequately understand what employers are looking for and better prepare yourself for the application and interviewing process.

Show You Are Hard-Working and Willing to Take Initiative

As my father always used to say, preparation prevents poor performance so one of the most important things is obviously to prepare and over-prepare for your potential job. Set aside a good amount of time for re-working your resume (so that it is catered specifically to that job and to the requirements they are looking for) and for writing or filling out any other application documents. You should do plenty of research into the company, the work they do, their clients, the managers and owners, their working ethos and anything else that might be relevant. Employers are going to ask you the tough questions in the interview and you need to be ready regardless of the question. Be prepared to pitch ideas for the company, be put in difficult hypothetical situations and answer difficult things about your abilities and personality. Think of all such potential questions and prepare yourself adequately for all of them.

Another way of preparing is to ensure you have all the necessary requirements and experience for the job. For example, if you need a first aid certificate, get one yourself to make it easier for the employer. Likewise, if you are in a field that involves children or security, take the initiative to get a national police background check to prove your reliability. Regardless of what field you are working in and what job you are going for, however, employers look for tangible evidence through a successful Australia police clearance check. This demonstrates you have no criminal history, and it supports your claims of being trustworthy, responsible or whatever other adjectives you use to describe yourself.


Passion is one of the most helpful attributes that employers look for. Being passionate about a role and a particular industry does wonders in impressing bosses and increasing your chances of being hired. This is one of the things you shouldn’t/can’t really fake so only go for jobs that you are truly passionate about and which you would go the extra mile for. True passion comes through in your expression, words and movements. To demonstrate it more clearly though, make sure you are knowledgable about the industry and any current news or changes surrounding it. Go beyond just the company and talk about wider issues surrounding the field. Going to this level will demonstrate your desire to stay long term in the particular field. It would highlight the worth in taking you on because you will be willing to go to extra lengths to perform well, learn and climb your way up in your chosen area.

Businessman Wearing Cape

Throughout the application and interviewing process it is clearly important to show you are hard-working by preparing incredibly well, take initiative by seeking out National Crime Check, and are passionate and enthusiastic by being in the know about the industry. Try to put yourself in the employer’s shoes by thinking who exactly they would want to fulfil a particular role. You should go above and beyond what employers look for and thereby put yourself ahead of other applicants.

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