A relaxing and inspiring group experience!

A relaxing and rewarding group experience!

A manager discusses her inspiring team of colleagues and the perfect way to let them know that their boss cares.

I’m the manager of a wonderful team of nurses and aides in a residential aged care facility in Glenbrook, near Penrith. The work is tough and demanding, but our team always rises to the occasion. They are sympathetic and hard working women (and a few men), and they find a reason every day to treat every person with dignity and care. They’re my friends and they’re practically my family too. So when the opportunity presents itself, I like to show them that I care.

Instead of a Christmas gift last year, I decided that the company should give its workers an experience that could be easily arranged, but that none of us would likely have the time to do alone. We are all women on the team that I manage, so I thought it might be a real treat for us to head out to a day of beautification and all around pampering. All parties seemed satisfied with the arrangements, and we were looking forward to our big day together.

Skin health and all around beauty can be affected by long hours and a tough, tight working schedule. Most of us hadn’t been out to a beauty clinic in years, and some of us had never been. When we arrived at the Ella Bache in Glenbrook , we must have looked like we were in need of serious repair!

What followed was a day of relaxing treatments and much needed calm. Our Indulgence Package combined all the perfect treatments into a few hours of luxury. When we left the clinic, all six of us were feeling rejuvenated and completely renewed. We were noticeably more at ease and each of us looked five years younger.

Afterwards, over pots of hot tea and scones, we unwound and spent the afternoon chatting and laughing. It was a fun day, and one that we still talk about to this day. But, more importantly, it brought my team together and offered them just a little bit of kindness in return for all the wonderful work they do every day. It was a rewarding and much needed respite, and the beginning of a tradition we now hope to keep up every year!

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