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Recently, a website called ‘Your Friends House’ published an article involving an interview with a sex worker. The insightful piece explores the stigma surrounding the profession, the experiences of engaging in this line of work, and the entire procedures that accompany escort services. Funnily enough, it wasn’t all about sex. In fact, with it comes a lot of responsibility, discipline, and skills in other areas such as administrative work. When it comes to some of the risque sides of the workforce, escort services would have to be one of the top few. It isn’t about dirty, cheap exchanges with old, seedy clients. In fact, high class escort services tend to be quite professional in the way they are both managed and organised. As a society, it is typical to judge the career choices of those we don’t know or understand. But in terms of accepting that everyone performs different tasks in order to make money, it isn’t that big of a deal. We all, to an extent, sell ourselves to others for work. Whether it be selling our bodies, or selling our time and labour, it all equates to the same exchange. Escort services who choose this line of work are as hardworking and considerate as those who work in an office, a school or a restaurant. As a curious profession to many, we thought we’d drop a little insight into the ‘secretive’ world that is escort services.

Shaking the stereotypes

Despite common perception, escort services are not all the same sleazy depictions seen on crime shows and in movies. There are, in fact, a range of services offered by those engaging in the sex worker profession. There are a number of clients who simply want what is known as the ‘girlfriend experience’, where they seek someone to talk to, feel intimate with, and relate to like they would a girlfriend. Grace Bellavue, the sex worker interview by Your Friends House, says, “Some of my clients I’ve known for five or six years have lasted longer than some of my boyfriends.” The variation in what clients might look for are broad, and so it doesn’t support the typical images that surround the business.

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Not just a pretty face

Professional escort services aren’t always just the one that turns up to meet a client. There is a lot of work that goes into organising such a business. Grace Bellavue explains that the administrative work tends to be very mundane. For every hour spent with a client, it takes four to five hours of emailing, texting, calling, twittering, booking hotels, making appointments and all the other monotonous tasks most would associate with any other job. It takes just as much patience and organisation for this job as it does any other.

Career by choice

As Grace Bellavue told Your Friends House, it’s not that surprising that many women are engaged with the escort services industry by choice. The hours, expenses, advertising and commitment is all up to the individual, and workers can opt in and out as they please. “For some people who may only want to pay the electricity bill all they have to do all they have to do is one night… and there’s your electricity bill paid.” The notion that all sex workers are mentally scarred from their childhood, or working to pay off drug debts, is simply a Hollywood dramatisation. There are plenty of high class adult escort services in Sydney that offer safe, professional work for women in this industry, without the need for stigma or shame. 

escort services

Not-so-great expectations

Many people believe, as they do with other escort services stereotypes, that the clientele of these businesses are old, decrepit men with fat wallets and sleazy smiles. In fact, the diversity of clients might actually surprise some people. The figures are generally slanted in the favour of married men, but the proportion of singles isn’t far below. As Grace Bellavue divulged, there are also a lot of female clients and clients in a couple. The trust required to engage with a couple is quite important, and allows for new experiences in all aspects of escort services. Erotic adult escort services in Sydney exist for this very purpose – to allow experimentation for all kinds of people, not just the expectations many have of the industry. Red Door Agency is a classic example of an escort services company that offers everything from the girlfriend experience and fantasies, to the innocent company that some clients  desire.

The world of escort services isn’t one we should be sceptical of. The work might be different from the jobs others perform, but that isn’t a reason to judge it harshly. Instead, allow curiosity to frame your opinions, and be open to the variety of career choices that both men and women are free to determine. You’d be surprised at what you’ll find…

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