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The home is a fascinating place. We fill it with junk, paint the walls, and display photos everywhere. But when it comes to creating a beautiful space to live in, sometimes an amateur job just doesn’t cut it. If you’re creative enough to know what colours go with what curtains, and how the room should be arranged, a job as an interior designer is perfect. To be an interior designer is an exciting job. You get to explore peoples homes and reinvent them, travel to different cities and countries, and utilise your interior designer skills to make magic happen. All of those reality renovation shows on television are onto something – the joy when people see the potential in their home realised. To turn a house into someone’s dream home is the most rewarding part of a job as an interior designer. So if you’re considering a career as an interior designer, or have a creative streak you’re not using to its full potential, we’ve got the top tips to becoming a top interior designer.

Listen to your clients

When it comes to designing the interiors of a home, you not only need to bring your own sense of style, but also listen to what the client is asking for. You might see Parisian chic, and they might be thinking retro style. In order to build your reputation as a brilliant interior designer, listening is a key skill. First things first, sit down with them, and ask them what they envisage for their home. What colours do they like, what era do they connect with, what do they mostly use their home for? All of these questions will determine what you create for them. There’s no point creating an open, luxurious kitchen for a working couple who eat out most nights. Likewise, you wouldn’t make a home elegant and upmarket if they have four kids under four. Once you know what they want, it’s then your turn to take this information, and come up with a range of options to transform their home.

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Have a signature style

While you’ll always have to adapt your designs to suit your clients, it helps if you have your own signature style to begin with. Sometimes your clients will want to see what you find appealing in a home, and draw inspiration from your style. A timeless trend that is always popular is the French Vintage style, complete with antique style designer furniture reminiscent of Paris. A vintage French interior design is a little classic, a little country, and lot sophisticated. Think Marie Antoinette, black and white contrasts, neutral palettes and statement floor rugs. French style vintage furniture can be a great way to inject a minimalist French style into any home. While your clients might not want a full-blown French fantasy, a gorgeous lounge chair or rustic bookshelf can add just the right amount of Paris to any home. Check out Allissia’s Attic Design for some gorgeous French vintage pieces. 

Practice makes perfect

If your friend is moving house or your parents are looking for a shake up in their routine, offer your services for free or a low charge. You’ll be able to experiment with new styles, practice adapting your taste to suit your client, and present wonderful examples of your work to your family and friends. You can also add photos of every room you design to your portfolio, which comes in mighty handy for the clients you’ll acquire.

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Find material and supply sources

Build a rapport with your favourite furniture designers and homeware stockists, because these are the people you’ll want on your side for ultimate prices on the job. The more you use their services and products, the lower the prices will get, so find your niche of beautiful furniture and design stores, and stick with them. Everyone will be rewarded in the end.

Being an interior designer is a job that will always bring new challenges, new clients, and new experiences. One day you could be designing a kids playroom with funky stencils and decorations, and the next you could be creating a tranquil meditation space. The role of interior designer is to bring a home to life, and give your clients everything they’ve ever dreamed of. It’s definitely one of the most engaging jobs you’re ever going to find!


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