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Everyone stresses over interview questions, and more specifically, how best to answer them. It is among one of the most daunting things, going into an interview, and it’s even harder not knowing what you’ll be asked in the process. Interview questions can be boiled down to a few main ones, and with the right preparation, they’re easy to answer. Take note of the following interview questions, and think about you would answer them in your own stressful interview.

Interview questions #1: can you tell us about yourself?

This is a question that allows employers to have an insight into who you are. You don’t need to tell them what your favourite food is, but they want to know what makes you tick. The best answers stay under 5 minutes, address relevant qualifications, achievements and previous job experience, but to stand out, you want to give something more. The best way to kill two birds with one stone is to talk about personal interests that subtly link to the company and job requirements. If you were going for a retail job and liked making your own clothes, tell them. If you’re applying for a job at an accounting firm, tell them how you’re favourite subject in school was always maths.

interview questions

Interview questions #2: why do you want to work for us?

This can be a hard interview question, unless you come prepared. Make sure before you get into the interview that you research the company, and have a firm idea on where you would slot into the company. What are you strengths and interests that cater specifically to the job? How do your own values align with those of the business? The employers want to see if you can set yourself apart from other candidates, and give them something no one else can. If you can express where your interest in the company stems from, you’ll find the interview questions flow from here.

Interview questions #3: what are your strengths?

Now, there’s no need to get cocky here. Employers ask these interview questions to see how you would gel with the rest of their team, not to hear your long list of achievements since high school. Explain how your personal strengths cater to the company’s needs, and show that you understand how you could help better the overall business. You might have great hand-eye coordination, but unless you’re applying for a job as a personal trainer, there’s no point mentioning it. Instead focus on skills like organisation, commitment, online skills or educational qualifications. The interview questions aren’t devised to catch you out, so long as you’re prepared and take your time answering properly.

interview questionsInterview questions #4: what are your weaknesses?

We all knew this one was coming, and it’s time we knew how to face it. Of all the interview questions, this one can be the hardest to answer. You don’t want to lie and say you have no weaknesses. Similarly, don’t answer by saying “I tend to work too hard”. These are cliche and outright lies. The trick here is to talk about something that has been a weakness for you in the past – something that never quite stuck with you. But to show initiative, follow up by telling the interviewer how you’ve worked to fix this weakness. If you’ve taken a course or done some work experience in order to eliminate this weakness, it’s more impressive than saying your weakness is ‘caring too much’.

Interview questions #5: if you were an animal…

There are always going to be interview questions you didn’t see coming, or ones that completely take you by surprise. It’s just the employers trying to see how you react to uncertainty, in comparison with other candidates. Just take a deep breath, think it through, then answer the question.

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