‘I’m warming some oil to massage you with. Mandy, the Red Door.’ James put the LRS pager away. He cast a guilty look around the office. ‘In thirty minutes I’m taking you to Heaven.’ The trouser mouse rolled over.104

“How you going with those reports?” Instant mood kill. It was Ron, James’s boss. “Finance is waiting on them.”

James plunged into the work. It was boring, exacting stuff. The tiniest error threw out everything else.

James felt a small vibration in his left pocket. A thrill slithered down his spine. ‘Fifteen minutes and I use my mouth on you. Mandy, the Red Door.’ James nearly choked.

“What the hell are you doing?” Ron again, “What’s that?” he said looking at the pager.

“Nothing,” James mumbled.

“What? You’re doing nothing or that thing in your pants is nothing?” A few sniggers echoed around the office.

“You’re going to have to work through lunch …”

“No!” It was out before James knew it. A horrible silence dropped over the office.

“What did you say to me?” Ron whispered.

“No … we won’t need to work through the lunch hour, I’m almost done.”

“You’re acting weird James – weirder than normal. You okay?”

T7460-Freedom_GuestThe LRS pager vibrated again. Thankfully it was a discrete communicator; portable, reliable, non-intrusive. James had set it to silent and dimmed the display. It was an ingenious device.

“Just hungry; I need some lunch.”

“Well get cracking.” Ron addressed the whole office, “No one gets lunch until James feeds his reports to Finance.” The silence turned hostile.

James didn’t look at the pager. He knew how much time he had – it wasn’t much.

James had booked a lunchtime appointment with Mandy, at the Red Door Escort Agency. They were trialling a new paging system. Long Range Systems Australia (LRS) had recently developed a pager guaranteed to help everyone. When he made his appointment he was sent a pager. Mandy, or whoever, kept sending him countdown reminders. They, in themselves, were thrilling. But the best part was that if his appointment was set back, or there were problems, he would be notified instantly. Time is precious, for everyone. And if you’re organising a lunchtime knee-trembler you need perfect timing. The LRS made sure of this. It was the Red Door that turned it into a tease.

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