Running a business from home can sometimes be an intensely private experience. You manage affairs on your own, balance the books and sustain any losses. But when things are good, they’re really good.

Recently, my home naturopathy business experienced a bit of a boom. I’d begun doing remedial massage and suddenly my planner was chocked full of clients. Though it was originally a bit hard on my husband (who is retired), I think the studio is now something he feels really comfortable with. He helps me when he can, but generally stays out of the business end of things. So it was unusual when he took me aside one night and gave me some serious sounding advice.

‘Listen,’ he said. ‘Your business is going really well and you deserve it. I know you’ve put a lot into it and you’ve always done the books. But with things getting busier, maybe you could speak with someone to help you figure it out.’ I mulled over it for a night and in the morning I let him know that I thought it was a good idea.

My husband said he knew of a good business advisory group that his mate Walter had always used. From his wallet he produced an old looking business card. ‘He gave it to me once, years ago, and I never really dug it out until now.’ The card was for Nexia Australia, a leading chartered accountancy and business advice firms. I had a look at their website and perused the different financial services on offer. With a sense of lingering hesitation, I made an appointment.

Over a few consultations, I had the pleasure of seeing exactly how well my business could be managed. We spoke of business value maximisation and sustainability within the company. A diagnostic assessment of the business was then taken, and we then made a strategic plan for the future. The consultants at Nexia even helped organised my finances based on cash flow and profitability. I’d never discussed the potential of my business with real professionals, and the insights were significant. In the end, I felt as though a great burden had been released: I was no longer alone in the management and running of my business.

It’s been six months now, and I haven’t regretted adopting the organisational and efficiency practices that my advisors recommended. My client flow is humming, the business is blossoming and the future looks bright. So, for all those small business owners looking to step-up to the next level, I’d recommend seeking professional financial advice from a tried and tested organisation.

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