Writing a resume for an executive position is different to writing an ordinary resume. Top management levels require qualities such as character, integrity, interpersonal skills, leadership, humane qualities etc and your resume should reflect all these type of qualities is the making of a powerful executive resume. You have to convince employers that you stand out from the other applicants.

Due to executive searches being highly selective your resume should be a strategic marketing tool. Your resume must encourage recruiters to call you and you have to convince the recruiter or company that you are the right applicant. You may find that some applicants are far less qualified but have a resume that sells their qualifications.

Employers don’t have the time to read through pages of achievements and qualifications you just need to give a brief description. You can give a detailed description of your accomplishments that will improve your chances of getting the job. You need to clearly state your objective which allows the employer to understand what you expect from the company.

Give a brief description of your credentials as this will define what you can offer the company. Your career history must state clearly where you were previously employed and ensure all positions are included. Mention all the responsibilities you dealt with during your career. Have the proof to support your achievements as this will allow you to stand out from other applicants.

Give a detailed explanation on how you increased profits and revenues and how you improved the company’s quality. If you increased operating efficiencies or reduced costs, express these facts. The making of a powerful executive resume should include a short powerful profile and include your personal attributes, abilities, skills and accomplishments. Another important factor is your achievements and contributions to previous companies.

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