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After everyone returns refreshed from the Christmas and new year break, it is important to ensure staff are driven and focused from the outset of 2014. To avoid leaving their head behind on that hammock in Hawaii or leaving them unsure of the work that needs to be done, staff need to be well informed from the moment work starts back up. It is also vital that you make the most of the new year by targeting new clients and widening your reach to a broader network base. Attending networking sessions and conferences around this time is imperative, however, to make an corporate function even more beneficial, you should organise it yourself (and by yourself we mean outsourcing to a corporate events management service in Sydney while you get the credit for the event).

As the clock turns over to the year of 2014, kisses are not the only things that increase. In January each year, people move houses, the word fitness undergoes a huge spike on Google search, as do the terms weight loss and quit smoking, and companies look to expand their business model. The fresh start that comes with the dawning of a new year is the perfect time to look to adapt a business, attain a wider clientele base  and improve the brand image. People are filled with hope and enthusiasm in January of each year, and harnessing this positive attitude is key to enhancing a business.

The best way to capitalise on new years’ optimism is to organise a corporate function – whether it be a charity event that your business is supporting, an internal business conference that clearly outlines your plans and goals for the year ahead, or a networking session with other people in the industry. The key thing is to delineate your strategies and get your name out there. As other companies are looking to expand their business at the same time, it is the key time to demonstrate what your services can do for them.

A corporate function is the perfect way to get people interested and involved because it gives you an opportunity to chat to people in a friendly yet still business environment, and it is not overt advertising for your brand that people are trained to ignore. Hiring an events management service in Sydney is the optimum path as it causes no stress on you, any of the staff or the business. Unless you are in the industry of hiring venues, entertainment, catering, working sound and lighting and have a fantastic organisational streak, it is much better to leave the planning and organisation of your corporate function to the experts, like Scope Productions.

Although people are refreshed following the festive break, it may still take workers a while to get back in to the daily grind. Organising a  corporate function in the early new year is the perfect way to keep everyone motivated by giving them something to look forward to and engaging their excitement. Hosting the event at the end of January would be ideal as people will still retain their new year’s optimism but the stressful period of returning from the break will most likely be over.

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