It’s amazing what a Shire Council can do when it needs to.

Steven was woken by the telephone. He stumbled through the darkness into the living room. “Hello..?” he said shakily.

“Is this Poulter DesignsPatio?” said a gruff female.

“Well, I’m the Director, but this is a little unusual, it’s …” Steven looked around for a clock.

“Sir,” the voice cut him off. “I’m Jocelyn Maggs from the Perth City Council. We have an emergency. We need your help.”

Steven didn’t reply. He was still looking for a clock.

“An hour ago one of our ambulances accidentally backed into the docking-bay door at the Greater Perth Morgue. The door is irreparably damaged. As you may understand this is a disaster.”6894-Industrial Doors

Steven didn’t understand. He’d only just now found the time was a few minutes after two in the morning. None of this was making any sense.

“With a broken loading-bay door,” the voice continued, “the cooled air escapes.” She paused, “Sir, do you know what happens to a corpse when the temperature rises?”

Steven didn’t. Nor did he want to know. He was suddenly wide awake.

“What – how can I help?”

“We need this roller door replaced now, right now. The sun is due to rise in about three and a half hours. When that happens the temperatures will begin climbing and the bodies will begin rotting. This is a public health catastrophe we would rather avoid.”

Steven had a jolt. “Is this a joke?” he wondered aloud.

“If you think I’m joking I’ll hang up. You can look up the Perth City Council telephone number in the White Pages and call the after-hours service. I’ll answer.”

That was good enough for Steven. “Alright. I’ll get my team together. We’ll have begun the job in thirty minutes.” Steven stopped again. “Excuse me – Jocelyn was it? What about the Shire Council? Each Shire has building stipulations, even building permits that need to be in place before any work begins.”

Jocelyn replied with the confidence of a veteran assassin, “Leave them to me.”

And that’s how Poulter DesignsPatio helped the Perth City Council avoid a public health nightmare. Steven had never, ever seen an approval process pushed through the Shire system so fast. In fact, he hadn’t thought it possible.

By sunrise the new loading-bay garage door was in place and functional. Its fresh color the only clue to the events of the last few hours.

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