It was like stepping back in time.

I grabbed my girls hand and shouldered past the attendants. Inside the crowd had stopped to admire the décor – The room was done in soft sea blues and foamy whites. I picked up the smells of whiskey, perfume and sweat. The gamblers looked nervous, the drinkers looked happy, the dancers looked hungry.

We fit right in. My girl is a pretty brunette. She looked like Elaine Hammerstein in her studded cloche hat and furs. I wore grey Oxford Bags and double breasted vest and jacket. Everywhere there were flappers with stemmed cigarettes, Mafioso in dark worsted swallow-tailed suits, spats and bowties.

I took a firm grip on my girls hand and headed for the bar.

The five-piece playing rag fell silent and our hostess glided onto the stage. “Ladies and gentlemen,” she began, obviously thrilled at the crowd’s reaction to the event. “Welcome to the Roaring 20s poker tournament at the Randwick Racecourse.” The crowd erupted into applause.

“First, I’d like to thank Scope Productions for creating and managing this amazing event!”

And it was praise well deserved. Randwick Racecourse had been transformed into an underground speakeasy. Gaming tables had been brought in for a poker challenge all to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophe foundation. There would be a celebrity challenge later, but I don’t think anybody care – we were all having too good a time.

When it goes right an event can exceed any planning. Getting the combination of ambience, entertainment and mood right is worth any cost. Because once your guests have made a commitment to having a good time they don’t count the cost.

After seeing what could be done at Randwick I checked out Scope Productions.11 Why haven’t I been invited to any of their other parties? Their Events Management Services portfolio reads like Who’s-Who of Sydney’s corporate elite.

For me corporate events have always held the attraction of a church service when I’m hungover. But I think I’ll have to change that attitude. Look out for any Scope Productions and Events. If you know someone with a ticket, get invited. If you are thinking of hosting your own event (it doesn’t have to be corporate) check out the website. Talk to them. These people know what they’re doing. And like I said earlier, once your guests make a commitment to having a good time – well, you can too.

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