I love my job. I’m a shuttle bus driver for Skypark Valet Parking in Perth. People drop their cars off and we shuttle them to and from the airport. We look after their cars while they’re gone. We offer to clean and detail them. Most of all we offer to keep them safe.

Skypark 1Like I said, I drive the shuttle bus for Skypark. I love my job because it’s a study in human nature. I see all types of people, under all types of Skyparkconditions. I’ve seen a suited guy yelling into his mobile phone as he drove into the compound. Yell into it while he signed the forms. Yell into it throughout the few minutes it took me to drive him to the airport. And yell into it as he walked into the terminal.

You can’t help but shake your head.

Mostly people are very talkative. In my experience people are more willing to open up when they’re looking forward to traveling and if they don’t think they’ll ever see you again. I’ve had girls tell me they were flying up to the mines to ‘service’ the miners for the weekend. These same girls tell me they can earn anything up to $5000 for that weekend. I’ve had couples with their hands all over each other, obviously going away for a dirty-weekend. I’ve had people confess they were running from the law, gangs, partners, bosses and staff.

I never ask for this information. There just seems to be something comforting in sharing your secret with someone who can’t use it. Not only am I bound by a confidentiality clause to my customers, but I feel privileged to hear these stories.

And it reminds me that we’re not all that different. In fact, the most common trait we share is the belief in the uniqueness of our circumstances.

So when you come to Skypark in Perth just remember, we look after your secrets as well as your car.


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