We get a lot of emails here at Job Inspirations, many of which are related to job service providers (or, JSP’s). Job seekers have identified the providers as a source of both information and great anxiety. In the end, many job seekers are left feeling frustrated and let down by the system. But don’t worry; we’ve got a few tips to help out…

Keep clear records of your communications with staff. If you are required to communicate with JSP staff, always make sure you maintain relevant records. This isn’t for paranoid purposes, but rather for the purposes of maintaining a beneficial and clear relationship with your assigned staff members. With massive work loads and a drastic ‘performance indicator’ culture, JSP staff members will often forget who you are, let alone what you’ve done so far!

If you are not being helped by your JSP, find a new one! Many job seekers are complacent about their job service providers and the services offered to them. But many times, it’s possible that job seekers are dissuaded by a culture that places money above the welfare of participants. In many cases, offices are driven by different work cultures which demand different things from staff members. If you feel like you’re ‘just another brick in the wall’, then shake things up and find a new provider! With a little bit of research and a bit of paperwork, you might be able to access better services which are more tailored to your needs.

Remember that the Department is on your side! Many people on unemployment benefits forget that the Government is there to protect their interests and hear them out. If you have a serious complaint to make, then get in contact with the Department and voice your concern. It might seem as though the odds are stacked against you, but a justified complaint will often result in a just outcome.

Welfare isn’t supposed to be easy, but job service providers must be held accountable for the billions of dollars worth of tax payer’s money paid directly to them. If their services are non-existent or overly concerned with money, in our minds this is tantamount to defrauding the public system. So take control and make things right. Good luck!


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