Ahh, celebrities. The musicians and drama queens of the world, making a living off of the very things they’d be doing for free were they not famous. And yet here I sit, wondering why no one has offered to pay me to watch endless TV series or sleep. The dream for every job hunter is to one day make your money from doing something related to your hobbies, be it singing, writing or running. The amount of people actually making a career from their hobby? Probably less than you’d like to think. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done! Entrepreneurs and dare-devils alike are opening vintage shops, interior design offices and clothing stores, because that’s their passion. People write novels, make art and cook for a living, so what’s stopping you from turning your hobby into a profession? Be creative, think outside the office cubicle, and find ways of turning your talents and passions into $$$!

Hobby: cooking

Sure, mum whinged all the time about having to cook for the family, but what if you actually enjoyed cooking? There are any number of jobs you can find in the cooking industry. They might seem tedious or awful to others, but if its your passion, go nuts! Jobs: chef; caterer; cooking teacher; cookbook writer; food critic; restaurant manager; nutritionist, commercial cook.


Hobby: writing

Writing is fast becoming a hobby that everyone from your boss to that kid who failed 3rd grade english is cashing in on. In this day and age, anyone who owns a computer and has an opinion is a writer, but if you truly enjoy it, and know you’re good at it, writing is a hobby that can take you far. Jobs: blogger; journalist; freelance writer; editor; critic; publisher; novelist; english teacher.

Hobby: travel

So you love to travel? Well, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love to travel, but when it comes to making it a career, the level of love needs to be taken up a notch. The difference between travelling for pleasure and travelling for a job can make or break someone in the industry. Jobs: travel agent; tour guide; flight attendant; translator; hospitality (hotels, cruise ships); pilot.

Hobby: shopping

If you love a sneaky shopping spree, or think you’re pretty clued in on the latest fashion trends, then think of how you could turn this into a career. Some might call it a flaky career, but they’re not the people who will be paying big money for your assistance. Jobs: personal shopper; designer; fashion blogger; model; merchandiser; stylist.

Hobby: gardening

If you find yourself sitting in your garden for some time out, or wandering the paths of national parks on days off, then perhaps your passion lies outdoors. Gardening and a love of nature can easily be turned into a career, and because so many people are clueless when it comes to their garden, there could be a lot of work in it for you. Jobs: landscaper; horticulturist; florist; botanist; groundskeeper.

hobbyHobby: health and fitness

Ok, so not everybody will be the next Usain Bolt, but if that’s what your hobby is (running, not Usain Bolt), then why not give it a go? The professional athletes of the world faced the same hesitations at their career choices, and look at them now. Plus, if its more the health side of things you’re interested in, think about areas that need your knowledge and passion. Jobs: fitness instructor/trainer; professional athlete; doctor; coach; sports writer/reporter; athletic director; gym owner; nutritionist; physiotherapist.

There are so many more hobbies out there – from sewing to dancing and back again – that it seems silly not to consider it for a career path. It may not be a conventional hobby, or it may be a hugely popular one, but if you find your niche, follow the direction that keeps your hobby afloat. There are any number of unopened doors for you to knock on, so don’t discount your interests any time soon.

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