turn internship into a jobInternships are essential aspects of building a career within most industries. Not only are they great resume additives, but they also provide invaluable insight and experience. They provide you with an insight into a particular field or workplace so you can determine whether it suits you, while you still have limited strings attached. The real downer, though is that most internships are unpaid. Increasingly, however, internships are acting as the priceless stepping stone that can lead you to acquiring a full time job. There are a number of key tips that you should heed to increase your chances of turning an internship into a paid job.

Choose the Right One

The whole task of attaining a job out of an internship becomes void if you aren’t selective with your internship choices and you accept an internship, in which you aren’t actually interested. So make sure you only pursue internships that are in line with the sort of job you aspire towards and which you could see yourself in in the future.

Be Positive and Proactive

Easily one of the most important and valuable things you can do during your internship is to undertake every task with enthusiasm and be proactive about completing more tasks. No boss wants to have to babysit you every second of the day as this will only make you appear incapable and less confident. It is very important to ask questions as this demonstrates enthusiasm and ensures you aren’t wasting time doing unnecessary tasks or doing them incorrectly. However, you should always take your own initiative by going above and beyond what is expected of you to stand out from the crowd.

Work Hard

Unfortunately, undertaking some of the grungier jobs are part of the job description for interns. You should always put in a huge effort and complete these tasks with a smile. Stay late to finish jobs if necessary, don’t take huge lunch breaks, offer to take jobs off someone else if you don’t have enough to do and always remain focused and productive throughout the day.


Be a chameleon when it comes to assimilating to the culture of the firm where you are interning. Clothes, attitude, timing and work ethic should be copied from established members of the company so you can fit in and appear completely suitable for the job.


Becoming acquainted with colleagues in all departments is important for you to learn about different roles and responsibilities and to create a rapport with people who could eventually hire you. Go out to lunch with company staff and importantly, make sure you make yourself known to your boss and develop a solid relationship. It is also important to keep in touch with members of the company even after you leave in case a position arises in the future. Providing you performed well, fit in and are still communicating with them, you will be a certain consideration for the job.

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